How To Be Good At Rank Matches in Halo Infinite

This guide will detail some useful tips to get better at Rank matches in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. Keep reading if you’re struggling to rank up or get a sufficient number of kills.

Some basic knowledge you should know before going more in depth:

  • A melee attack from behind can OHKO.
  • Plasma weapons do more damage to shields.
  • Halfway Slide + Run to move faster / get away.

Stay Calm and Shoot

Whether you rush toward your enemies or hold back and wait for them to come to you, it’s vital to be calm and shoot when you encounter them. The default weapon fires two shots per round. You’re going to want to have these shots hit your enemy, especially if it’s to the head. Stay focused and keep pointing your mouse towards the enemy’s head. There’s no recoil or flinching to obstruct you. Steady your aim and stay focused on the enemy’s movement. They may jump around or irregularly shift from left to right.

Shoot At Bomb Spawn Points

Shooting at bombs before an enemy picks them up from its spawn point can cause devastating damage to the enemy. Wait till they get in range and shoot the bomb spawn point for it to detonate and damage the enemy with it.

Throw Random Grenades

Don’t be afraid to throw grenades at random areas you feel enemies may appear from. Most times you won’t hit anyone, but there will be times you do. The sound of impact will be heard through audio to know if a grenade successfully hits its target. Approach the area and finish them off if they don’t manage to run away in another direction.

Best Way To Dodge Bullets

Like I said above, enemies can jump or irregularly shift from left to right to try and avoid dying in the game. Don’t worry, though, because you can do the same. These movement techniques can obstruct the player’s aim to dodge bullets while they don’t dodge yours.

The latter technique is more annoying to go up against. When taking fire from an enemy, keep pressing the left and right keys to constantly shift from left to right. It may take some practice to effectively pull off and time to get accustomed to the key pressing.

Listen for Footsteps

Footsteps are pretty loud in Halo Infinite and you can use that to your advantage. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate the enemy’s footsteps from your teammate’s own, but if you hear someone approaching aggressively from behind, turn around so they don’t score an OHKO melee attack from behind. You can even use the audio to know if someone is on a higher platform to make better decisions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Heal

There’s no shame in backing down from a 1v1 when you’re near death. It’s a good strategy to push back and live to fight some more later, especially after teammates respawn to back you up. This is most effective during game modes such as Strongholds, King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, and Oddball when you need multiple teammates to push for the objective.

Stay Close To Teammates

Staying close to your teammates is mostly important for Slayer matches. It’s less severe with other ranked matches. Two or more players can easily overpower a single enemy; therefore it’s important to stay together to lose fewer teammates and kill more enemies. If you’re playing with strangers online in ranked Slayer matches, it’s important to communicate this strategy to them and hope they listen.

Play for Power Weapons

You give the enemy the advantage when you don’t play for Power Weapons when they spawn. If you sense most of your teammates aren’t heading in its direction, you should take the initiative to do it. It’s better if you support a teammate while they pick it up and vice versa. The Energy Sword and M41 Spanker can turn the tide of a battle.

Pick Up The Right Weapon For You

Don’t pick up weapons you’re not good at using or not willing to practice with; they’re better off in your teammates’ hands. Here is a list of the best weapons in Halo Infinite. Find the right one for you and learn the areas of each map where you can pick them up.

Use The Grapple Shot To Pick Up Overshield

A trick you may not know about the Grapple Shot is that it can be used to grab gear from a distance. You can use the Grapple Shot by aiming the cursor at the Overshield item to pull it towards you so that you can activate it. Make sure you are within range to grab the item. The same can be done to grab the flag in the Capture the Flag game mode, or to pull yourself directly towards an enemy to melee them.

Don’t Melee Energy Sword Users

Don’t bother trying because you’re never going to win, even if you expect a “trade” (ie. killing yourself and your enemy upon impact). The energy sword player will always survive in a showdown between your melee attack and their sword’s slice occurring simultaneously. Either stay from a distance to shoot and hit them with a grenade, repulse them with the repulser (if you picked up the item), or try to run.

Switch Out Your Plasma Weapon for One-Shots

It’s annoying to see people make the mistake of using their plasma-based weapons to finish off one-shot enemies. This is because there’s a higher chance of failure when it comes to hitting enemies with plasma-based weapons. If your enemy’s shield has been broken, swap to your bullet-based weapon and finish the “one-shot” off instead of trying to do the same with plasma. Plasma weapons are effective against shields; there’s no point in using them for the OHKO.


Voice chat is crucial for online competitive multiplayer games such as Halo Infinite. You should learn each area of a map and call out the enemy’s location upon spotting them. Even if you lack a method of voice communication, you can ping an enemy’s location to mark the spot on the map to help your teammates. The text chat is also useful to do the same after you die.