Activating Overshield in Halo Infinite

How To Kill Overshield Easy in Halo Infinite Rank Matches

Overshield gives the user an extra layer of protection from damage. This guide will teach you how to easily kill Overshield during Rank multiplayer matches in Halo Infinite.

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol is one of the best weapons to weaken an Overshield enemy. Charge up the Plasma Pistol and carefully fire it at the Overshield enemy to break their shield and weaken them. Immediately switch to your bullet-based weapon and finish them off.

Back Smack

It’s not a surefire method of getting rid of an Overshield enemy, but if you can land a back smack on them with your melee, they will instantly die. It’s embarrassing having activated the Overshield just to have someone back smack you at full health.

Shooting From A Distance

Shooting the Overshield enemy from a distance wouldn’t deal a lot of damage to them, but it can drastically weaken them if they receive a lot of shots, especially if multiple teammates fire together. It’s worth a shot when you have no other viable option rather than ignoring them and having your teammates shoulder the burden of fighting them. It’s most effective on the Catalyst map as soon as they pick up and activate the Oversheild.


If you cannot pick up a Plasma Pistol, the Needler is another good choice to kill an Overshield enemy. It takes a long time for all of its needles to connect by holding down the trigger, but they will die if you manage to pull it off. It’s best to use the Needler at full health. It’s even better if the Overshield enemy does not notice you and you get the first strike (which means more time).

Energy Sword

To my surprise, the Energy Sword takes a massive chunk out of the Overshield, and may even kill it in some circumstances where it’s not at full health. If you have the Energy Sword and you’re near an Overshield enemy, I’d recommend taking a slice out of them. You may fail to OHKO them but at least you’ll burn their Overshield.


The Skewer is one of the spotlight weapons in Season 2 of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer rank matches. It can be found on the Catalyst map. It’s hard to aim with this weapon, but if you somehow hit an Overshield user with it, they are going to die. It’s not a weapon I’d recommend using because you may give away your location or the Overshield would know to avoid another hit if you fail with the first shot.

Plasma Grenade

It’s hard to make a direct hit, but if you manage to get a Plasma Grenade stuck to an Overshield user, they will die within seconds from its explosion. Often it’s the last resort when no other viable equipment is available. It’s best used when near to the enemy within narrow spaces on the map.