How To Get The Best Unique and Legendary Weapons in Fallout 4

If you’ve played any of the Fallout games before, you probably remember unique weapons like the Shishkebab or the Junk Jet. Of course, you’re expecting all the cool weapons to be in Fallout 4. This guide will show you how to get the best unique and legendary weapons in Fallout 4.

Number 1: The Shishkebab

The Shishkebab can be found in the Sangus Ironworks, inside Sangus Blast Furnace. It is held by a raider named Slag with Power Armour.

The Sangus Ironworks is north-east of Diamond City, near the corner of the map.


Number 2: The Cryolater

The Cryolater is the easiest weapon to find, but one of the hardest to get. You can find it in Vault 111 as you’re leaving, in a display case at a Master lock difficulty.


Number 3: The Junk Jet

The Junk Jet is located in the ArcJet Systems rocket control room, on top of the table. To get into the room, you’ll need to be able to crack an advanced security terminal.

Junk Jet

Number 4: The Deathclaw Gauntlet

The Deathclaw Gauntlet isn’t technically a unique weapon, since you can rarely get it from Deathclaws, but it’s rare enough for you to only get it this way. The easiest way to get the Deathclaw Gauntlet is to complete the mission ‘The Devil’s Due’. To start it, go to the Museum of Witchcraft and explore in there.

Deathclaw Gauntlet

Number 5: The Furious Power Fist

The Legendary Power Fist is one of the hardest weapons to get. To get it, you have to beat the Swan, which is a Super Mutant Behemoth, at Swan’s Pond. The best tactic for killing this thing is bombarding it with a Big Boy, or just a Fat Man.


Furious Power Fist

Number 6: The Alien Blaster Pistol

The Alien Blaster Pistol can be obtained by experiencing a random event of a spacecraft crashing to Earth. The crash event can be in various places, but the easiest way to get it is by heading east from Diamond City, and going on to the roof of Gwinnett brewery; the event should start. The crash site is located east of Oberland Station. Once there, follow the trail of green blood into a cave, kill the Alien inside and retrieve the pistol.

Alien Blaster Pistol

Number 7: Grognak’s Axe

Grognak’s Axe can be found in the Hubris Comics store, just west of Swan’s Pond. It’s in a display case with an Advanced lock on it.

It is noteworthy that the Grognak Costume is located in the same building.

Grognak's Axe

Number 8: Kremvh’s Tooth

Kremvh’s Tooth in located in the bottom of a well in Dunwich Borers. As a note of caution, don’t jump into the well with power armor on, otherwise you’ll be unable to get it out (Of course, if you are on the PC, you can toggle no-clip). The Kremvh’s Tooth has a unique modification called Sacrificial Blade, that I believe is only available to this weapon.

Kremvh's Tooth

Number 9: The Big Boy

The Big Boy is a terrifying weapon. It’s unique enhancement allows it to shoot two mini nukes at one press of the trigger, at no extra cost. You can get it by buying it from Arturo Rodriguez in the Diamond City market.
Big Boy

You should note that most of these weapons can be modified to be even deadlier than they already are. There are more unique weapons out there, so get exploring and you may come across some of them.