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Top 10 Fallout 4 Mods on Nexus

Just 3 weeks or so after Fallout 4’s release, an astonishing 1616 mods have been released of Fallout 4 on NexusMods. The following list is my top 10 mod picks for the game, though keep in mind some may be a work in progress.

Full Dialogue Interface

Remember when you knew what your character was going to say in Fallout, instead of just clicking “Sarcastic” and hoping you don’t look like a complete idiot? I do. And that made finding this mod all the merrier.

Lowered Weapons

Holding up your weapon all day long must be so tiring, even for your manly 10 Strength build. This mod helps give your character a break (and more importantly, helps with immersion) by making your weapon point down when you are idle.

More Armor Slots

This is a handy mod that allows you to wear armor parts (Synth left leg, raider right arm, etc) on top of clothing such as suits. Now you can be defensive AND dress smartly.

Towbie’s Realistic Weapon Sounds

The sound effects of Fallout 4’s weaponry isn’t.. well, amazing, I’ll be honest. But, this work-in-progress mod adds some really nice-sounding effects to the game.

Power Armor Fast Exit and Enter

This mod is quite simple – It basically just makes you rush into or out of the suit. Why take your time when you’re being pumped full of holes by some angry giants?

Ghost- White Dogmeat

I love Jon Snow’s wolf, Ghost, and I love my dog, Dogmeat. So, having a reskin mod for Dogmeat already, for Ghost, is nothing but a must-get for me. Of course, all it is is a reskin, but it’s still a pretty nice reskin.

Classic V.A.T.S

In Fallout 3 and NV, VATS would actually stop time so you could pick your target. Well, luckily, some smart modder has made this the same reality in Fallout 4, to help increase your tactical advantage even further.

Hardcore Radiation Storms

I’ll be honest, the radiation storms looked cool in both concept and reality, but the effect they have on the player are pretty boring. 5 radiation increase on every lightning strike? Pathetic. 50 radiation increase on every lighting strike? Oh dear lord, where i the nearest building?

Killable Children

Though I haven’t found any children quite as annoying as Skyrim’s children, it’s handy to have it, in case some kid tries to overthrow my authority.

Immersive Wastelander’s Armory

The Wastelander’s Armory mod retextures some guns to give them a really cool and high-quality look, especially when compared with the dull look of the vanilla Weapons.