Welcome to Boon Hill Gives You A 16-Bit Graveyard Exploring Experience

Have you ever wanted to walk through a graveyard just for the heck of it without feeling like you’re being watched from an unearthly creature? Matthew Ritter has made it possible with his new graveyard simulator for PC called Welcome to Boon Hill. The simulator lets you explore a large 16-bit graveyard, probably the largest graveyard you’ll ever see, and lets you read gravestones from all of the people who have passed away from the town with some words left behind to give you an idea of how they were before kicking the bucket.

Welcome to Boon Hill Graveyard Simulator for PC

Players have the option of choosing their gender and having the freedom to explore the entire graveyard. There are no zombies to destroy or necromancers to slay, only music that fits the occasion to get you in the mood for a graveyard stroll and probably leave a depressing feeling inside. Several non-playable characters will be there for you to interact with and you should encounter a crow every once in a while that you may feel to catch. In addition, you can even lay in a grave and let the time pass away or leave flowers to show your respect for the dead.

Even though the game is still in beta, there is a possibility of new content being added in the future to the final product :

There might be a few other elements in the final product but the bulk of the game would be just walking through a graveyard, reading epitaphs and thinking about who these people were and never will be again.

Welcome to Boon Hill is available at Steam for $4.99 US.